As the largest of the islands in the Nueva Esparta state of Venezuela, Margarita Island is a popular destination among boating and yachting enthusiasts from around the world. Situated in the Caribbean Sea, the state also includes the two smaller islands of Coche and Cubagua, making Margarita Island an excellent base from which to explore the surrounding region by sea.


The island is comprised of two peninsulas and an isthmus and boasts a sunny, dry climate. The three largest cities on the island are Juan Griego, Porlamar and Pampatar, each of which boasts excellent amenities, pristine beaches and a number of impressive historical sites. In fact, the island boasts more than 50 beaches along its more than 100 miles of coastline, some of which are bustling with activity and others that are very secluded. In addition, the duty-free port, shopping and nightlife work to welcome visitors, and the area is renowned for its wind surfing and diving.


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