The charming port village of Karacasöğüt can be found nestled in the coastal forests of south central Turkey’s Mügla Province, around 25 kilometers northwest from Marmaris and 100 kilometers southeast of Bodrum in the Gulf of Gökova on the Mediterranean Sea. A charming hamlet with a number of excellent restaurants and a fully-functioning marina, it has become a popular stop for boating and yachting enthusiasts from around the world who are headed to the many other spectacular coastal towns along the Turkish Riviera, thanks to the area’s spectacular beauty and the warm, sunny climate of the region.


The town of Karacasöğüt is also famous due to the spectacular cave and 25-meter waterfall that are located nearby, which offer visitors a shady place to cool off on hot, sunny summer days. In addition, a number of ancient sites, including the ruins of an ancient port city known as Amnistos, are located throughout the area near the village.

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