The ancient port town of Finike is located in the Mediterranean region of southwestern Turkey on the Teke peninsula, around 115 kilometers southwest of Antalya and 200 kilometers northeast of Fethiye. The region has been inhabited since ancient times, but today it has become a popular tourist destination for yachting enthusiasts, thanks in part to its scenic beauty and warm, sunny climate.


The old port of Finike has been modernized and is now typically home to a number of yachts during the summer months, but it also hosts a small fishing fleet, which contributes significantly to the excellent dining opportunities that can be found here. Seafaring travelers can also enjoy the magnificent oranges that are grown in the area, while many are drawn to the relative quiet of Finike compared to other towns on the Turkish Riviera. In addition, it is quite possible to catch a glimpse of the rare Mediterranean Monk Seal, as well as Caretta sea turtles, so stay alert while out cruising the coast!

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