The sunny coastal town of Çeşme is located on the western coast of Turkey on the Aegean Sea, very close to the Karaburun Peninsula. It is situated just over 85 kilometers from the thriving modern city of Izmir and just 5 kilometers from the resort town of Ilica. Inhabited since ancient times, today Çeşme is a popular tourist destination for seafaring and land-roving travelers alike, thanks to the year-round warm climate and the impressive variety of historical attractions that can be found in the area.


Çeşme lies on a strait directly across from the Greek island of Chios, and Italy is also easily accessible, making this a wonderful starting point for exploring the entire region. The town itself is home to the stunning, 16th century Çeşme Castle, which is clearly visible from the harbor, while the old town boasts a variety of ancient Ottoman and Greek homes.



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