Turkey is a large rectangular country, extending eastwards from the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas to Iran, Armenia and Georgia. In the north, the Black Sea coast stretches for some 700 miles from the Russian border to the Bosphorus which with the Sea of Marmara and the Dardanelles divides most of the country away from the European continent. The Aegean coast forms the western side of the country, adjacent to the lovely island of Rhodes and turns eastwards along the Mediterranean to Syria.

The Turkish climate varies from north to south, with the Black Sea being quite cold in winter. In the Aegean, the summers are hot and winters mild. Winds over most of the regions of Marmara, Aegean and Northern parts of the Med the prevailing winds in summer are known as the meltem. It follows the coast from the north except where it curves into the gulfs and blows from the northwest and west into the gulfs. Daily weather forecasts are provided in the summer months in the Turizm Bank marinas, otherwise use the Greek weather forecasts for the Aegean and Med.

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