Just 7 miles off the coast of Venezuela in the Caribbean Sea lies the spectacular islands of Trinidad and Tobago (T&T). These most southerly of the Caribbean islands are warm and sunny throughout the year with an average daytime temperature of 28 degrees Celsius. Even in the rainy season (June to December) it really only rains in the afternoons and then only sometimes. The T&T dollar is the local currency but US dollars are also widely accepted at a rate of roughly TT $6 to US $1.

For the sailing set, the place to land is Chaguaramas Bay which is located on the northeastern tip of Trinidad just outside the capital, Port of Spain. Here you can find a qualified labour force for a relatively low cost and plenty of super grade teak. Boatyards and marinas abound with excellent support services and contractors. Chaguaramas Bay is a yachtsman’s paradise.

Trinidad is known for its festive carnival which officially takes place the two days before Ash Wednesday, but actually, many activities and events begin right after Christmas.

Tobago is the smaller of the two islands and was named after its primary crop – tobacco. On Tobago you can find wide sandy beaches, coral reefs, clear blue water and lovely palm trees. Inland the Rainforest Reserve is the oldest of its kind the Western Hemisphere.

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Trinidad and Tobago
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Departure : 25 November 2017
Duration : 1 weeks