The picturesque marina known as The Boat Lagoon is situated on the Andaman Sea in southern Thailand on the eastern coast of the island of Phuket, around 15 kilometers northeast of Ao Chalong. It lies conveniently on the road from the airport to Phuket Town and has become a popular destination for savvy maritime travelers from around the world.


Situated close to a wide variety of shops, restaurants and other attractions, The Boat Lagoon also boasts virtually every amenity seafaring travelers might require, including repairs and 24 hour security. It is also a popular place to for boating and yachting enthusiasts to spend the winter months, as the warm, sunny climate here makes this a great destination any time of year. The nearby Phuket Town, also known as Mueang Phuket, boasts several nice beaches and a large number of tourist, historical and cultural attractions, including several Chinese Taoist temples.

Geographical :
Indian Ocean
Thailand / Burma
Phuket / Boat Lagoon
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