Mossholmen is located on the island of Tjörn, just north of Göteborg, Sweden. The island is packed with hiking trails and boasts a picturesque landscape. From the peak of mount Do’s you can see a spectacular panorama. In the winter months you can rent ice picks and spikes to climb the ice floes, and in the summer you will see many biking enthusiasts, as well as boating and yachting enthusiasts.

Be sure to visit the famous Nordic Watercolor Museum while here, and the many art galleries that can be found on the island. The summer months typically see the population nearly double as residents and tourists alike flock to the beaches and sea to enjoy the secluded coves and inlets. From the Sundsby trail you can take in the beautiful vista of Stig Fjord, which is really not to be missed. The island is loaded with sun, sand and salty winds are excellent for water sports and are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Geographical :
Baltic Sea
Western Sweden
Tjörn / Mossholmen
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