The magnificent city of Stockholm is situated on the southeastern coast of Sweden, around 550 kilometers northeast of Stenungsund and 45 kilometers northwest of Dalaro. Stockholm lies where the Baltic Sea meets Lake Malaren, and the city is comprised of 14 islands that are part of the Stockholm Archipelago on the Riddarfjarden Bay. Today, Stockholm is not only the capital city of Sweden, but it is also a popular tourist destination for boating and yachting enthusiasts from around the world during the summer months, thanks in part to its stunning natural beauty, rich cultural history and fabulous weather.


While here, be sure to visit Stockholm’s impressive Gamla Stan, or old town, which is home to the city’s earliest settlements and still boasts a medieval street layout. Also, the city is home to a number of excellent museums, and boasts a wonderful array of fine dining and shopping opportunities.

Geographical :
Baltic Sea
Eastern Sweden / Finland
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