The seaside community of Marstrand is situated in the Kungalv Municipality of southwestern Sweden, around 48 kilometers northwest of Gothenburg and 20 kilometers south of Ronnang. The city actually consists of two islands, Marstrandson and Koons, and is home to an impressive 17th century fortress that stands sentry overlooking the sea. The area has become a popular destination for boating and yachting enthusiasts from around the world during modern times, thanks to its scenic beauty and wide variety of excellent amenities.


Today, Marstrand is also an important centre for sailing during the summer months, and is home to the annual Swedish Match Cup, as well as a number of other sailing competitions. In addition, the city offers maritime visitors easy access to explore the many surrounding islands, including Engelsmannen and Trollskaren. The beaches here are also quite popular, and were at one time time a favorite vacation spot for royalty.


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Baltic Sea
Western Sweden
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