The port town of Kungshamn is situated on the coast in the Bohuslän region of western Sweden on a peninsula around 3 kilometers southeast of Vajern and 2 kilometers east of Smögen. Since 1970, the Smögen Bridge has connected Kungshamn with the mainland, but this onetime fishing village dates back to the 1500s, thanks to the large numbers of herring that could be found throughout the area. Although the region does not rely as heavily as it once did upon the fishing industry, it still exists, while the town has become a popular summertime destination for boating and yachting enthusiasts from around the world.


Interestingly, Kungshamn does not possess many sand beaches due to the rocky coastline, but a number of ladders allow swimmers to access the water and it is quite popular to swim from the rocks lining the coast. In addition, the Royal Harbour Centre was completely renovated in the 1970s and boasts a wide variety of excellent amenities.

Geographical :
Baltic Sea
Western Sweden
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