The quiet harbor town of Källviken is situated in the Finnish Archipelago on the Baltic Sea around four kilometers from Lake Runn in southeastern Sweden and boasts a small population and excellent access to a number of recreational activities, many of which are associated with the lake. Today, the area has become a popular tourist destination for boating enthusiasts, thanks to its wonderful beaches, laid back atmosphere and many opportunities for exploration.


While visiting Källviken, be sure to take a boat trip to the nearby Framby Cape, which is a bustling centre for outdoor activities, including swimming, pleasure cruising, water skiing and horseback riding. In addition, sailing is a popular pastime in Källviken, so be sure to consider booking a trip while here! In addition, the harbor boasts adequate amenities and close proximity to the town itself. Also of note, the old town here is quite charming and is an excellent place for an evening stroll.

Geographical :
Baltic Sea
Western Sweden
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