The interesting district of Lindholmen is located on the northern shore of Hsingen Island along the banks of the Göta River, where it flows through the city of Gothenburg in southern Sweden. It lies near Göta älvbron, an impressive, six-lane bridge that links the island to the mainland, around 8 kilometers northeast of the city’s centre and 25 kilometers east of Öckerö. It is a busy urban area full of a wide variety of homes, educational facilities and businesses, but it has managed to retain a piece of its historic past in the ruins of the impressive, 14th century Alvsborgs fortress.


Lindholmen features access to the Free Port at several locations, adding to its reputation for excellent public transportation services. As Gothenburg’s innermost harbor, the Free Port is made up of three separate piers that function today as popular festival grounds and ferry connection points for travelers headed to and from Newcastle or Frederikshavn.

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Baltic Sea
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Gothenburg / Lindholmen
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