The bustling port city of Gothenburg is located on the southwest coast of Sweden and is the second largest city in the entire country, second only to Stockholm. Officially established since the early 17th century, it lies around 40 kilometers north of Kungsbacka and 35 kilometers southeast of Öckerö on the North Sea, and it is the largest seaport in the Nordic countries.


Today, Gothenburg has become a popular sailing and yachting destination, thanks in part to the Southern Gothenburg Archipelago, which is car-free and includes dozens of islands for visitors to explore. Of particular note, be sure to pay a visit to the 17th century Älvsborg Castle, as well as the popular islands of Vinga and Styrsö, which are situated quite close to the city of Gothenburg. Furthermore, the harbor for pleasure crafts is conveniently located close to the city’s centre and boasts a number of excellent amenities.

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