A little over 200 kilometers off the northwest coast of Africa can be found the capital of the Canary Islands, Santa Cruz on Tenerife. With a population of 225,000 the city is the largest among the islands and shares its capital designation with Las Palmas. The port is a major hub between Africa, Europe and the Americas with cruise ships arriving year round, dropping off visitors to enjoy some of the best weather anywhere in the world.


The Carnival of Santa Cruz is the second largest carnival in the world and is hoping to become a World Heritage Site. Major landmarks include the Catholic Church of the Immaculate Conception, the Santa Cruz Towers and the Auditorium of Tenerife. The city is very cosmopolitan, with immigrants from Africa, Europe and Latin America. It is the perfect place for boating and yachting enthusiasts to come and enjoy the bustling city markets and restaurants, or arrange an inland tour of one of the world’s largest volcanoes.

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