Situated just off the northwest coast of Africa are the Canary Islands. Perhaps the most popular island is Tenerife, which belongs to Spain, and on the southwest side of the island is the port city of Puerto Colon. The Canary Islands are blessed with warm weather all year long with a large number of sunny days. As a result, Puerto Colon enjoys a hot, dry climate.

The marina in Puerto Colon caters to boating and yachting enthusiasts and services the entire south side of the island, which has experienced many new up-market developments. The town has become a center for diving and boating excursions and sport fishing enthusiasts. Whale watching is also a very popular activity. Near the marina is Playa La Pinta Beach - a golden sandy beach with excellent amenities for those who like to play in the surf or just lie back and worship the sun. The national park in the center of the island boasts cable cars that summit the volcano and offers views that are out of this world.

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