The scenic island of Ibiza is an autonomous community of Spain and the third largest of the Balearic Islands. It is located in the Mediterranean Sea, around 79 kilometers from the coastal city of Valencia and it is also one of the two Pine Islands. Settled since the 7th century BCE, today the island and its main city, known either as Ibiza Town or by its official Catalan name Eivissa, have become popular tourist destinations for boating and yachting enthusiasts thanks in part to the thriving nightlife, pristine beaches and warm, sunny climate that can be found in the region.


The Barrio de la Marina and the Marina Botafoc areas of Eivissa are situated around the harbor. Both feature a wide variety of excellent dining and shopping opportunities for seafaring travelers, as well as excellent views of the city and easy access to a popular footpath that is also a favorite among locals.

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