The city of Castellòn (also called Castellòn de la Plana) lies on the Costa del Azahar, or ‘Orange Blossom Coast,’ near the Mediterranean Sea and is part of the autonomous community of Valencia in Spain, which is situated to the east of the Iberian Peninsula. The town here was officially founded in the 13th century, so a variety of excellent historical attractions in the city proper make this a popular tourist destination for travelers of all kinds.


The port at Castellòn was widened during the 19th century to accommodate an increase in traffic – both from tourist and commercial vessels – and the surrounding streets were widened as well, making the harbor even more attractive for visitors. In addition, the town’s most popular promenade, known as the Playa Pinar, is within easy walking distance of the marina, as is the planetarium. A number of outlying islands are also fun to explore by boat, while the beaches are also quite popular.

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