The charming port town of Portoroz, which translates to ‘Port of Roses,’ is conveniently situated in southwestern Slovenia, on the northernmost end of the Adriatic Sea, close to the border of Italy in the north and Croatia in the south. It lies around 60 kilometers southwest of Trieste and more than 200 kilometers east of Ravenna, and is a popular destination for maritime travelers from around the world.


The marina in Portoroz is conveniently located near the center of town, which features luxury accommodations and several casinos, as well as a wide variety of entertainment, shopping, spa and dining opportunities. In addition, the beaches here are superb, and the location gives maritime travelers easy access to a wide variety of other small but fascinating towns along the nearby coast, making this an excellent base from which to explore the region. Also of note, the nightlife here is quite lively, featuring a number of popular bars and dance clubs.

Geographical :
Adriatic / North
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