In the eastern Caribbean you will find the tropical paradise of St. Lucia. Located between St. Vincent and the Grenadines to the south, Martinique to the north and Barbados to the west, St. Lucia occupies a truly majestic spot. First settled by the Arawak Indians and then controlled by the Carib tribes the island nation was also claimed by the French and the British. Now an independent part of the British Commonwealth, it has the remnants of fortifications which can be seen around the island.
St. Lucia is ideal for adventure or relaxing rejuvenation, but its specialty is romance. The unspoiled rainforest lines long secluded white sand beaches. Breath taking views, natural waterfalls and an abundance of resorts and spas are perfect for rediscovering love. The picturesque Piton Mountains, charming local inhabitants and authentic culture will provide many lasting holiday memories.
At the north end of the island, dock in Rodney Bay and soak up the surroundings. Here you will find many excellent resorts and spas to pamper even the most discriminating guests. Not far away is Pigeon Island and Fort Charlotte, which is now a university, but was once a site of some fierce fighting between Colonial powers. Explore the mountainous rainforests and if you are lucky perhaps you will find the rare and beautiful parrot, Jacquot. St. Lucia is certainly a rare gem.

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Saint Lucia
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Departure : 25 November 2017
Duration : 1 weeks