Located in Cascais, a small resort town in Portugal on the Atlantic Ocean, the picturesque Marina Cascais is situated around 35 kilometers west of Lisbon and is considered to be part of the greater Lisbon area. The coastline here, known as the Costa do Estoril, or Estoril Coast, is renowned for its many pristine beaches, excellent wine and fabulous local cuisine.


Today, the region is a popular destination for boating and yachting enthusiasts from around the world, thanks to its many attractions and spectacular beauty. In addition, Marina Cascais is an excellent base from which to explore the entire area by sea. Dotted with impressive resorts and a popular destination for sailing and surfing enthusiasts, the magnificent region surrounding Lisbon truly offers something for everyone. From exciting water sports to high-end boutiques and fantastic shopping, the contemporary culture and rich history of the entire area are sure to delight.

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