The resort town and marina of Vilamoura is located in the Algarve region of southern-most Portugal, around 25 miles west of Faro and 266 kilometers southeast of Lisbon. Interestingly, in 1974 a wealthy banker created the town specifically to be a vacation destination and it is still expanding today, making it one of Europe’s most extensive beach resorts.


The marina at Vilamoura can hold more than 1,000 boats of various sizes at any given time and is situated close to a number of luxury hotels and a casino. Adventuresome travelers will delight in the magnificent big game fishing, parasailing, jet skiing and other water sports, while history lovers will thrill to the nearby Roman ruins and museum. In addition, a number of 5-star resorts are located here, adding to the thriving nightlife culture and lending support to a number of excellent dining and shopping opportunities. The marina also hosts a wide variety of planned activities each week, including cave tours and trips to the local shooting range.

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Algarve - Costa de la Luz
Faro / Marina Vilamoura
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