Pico Island is situated in the Central Group of the Portugese Azores in the Atlantic ocean and is well known for its visually dramatic volcano, Ponta do Pico, which is not only the highest point of the entire Mid-Atlantic Ridge, but is also the tallest mountain in all of Portugal and the Azores. Often called Ilha Preta (Black Island) by locals, thanks to its black volcanic soil, Pico Island boasts historical vineyards that played a large part in the historic development of the area.


Located just 17.5 kilometers south of Sao Jorge and a mere 7 kilometers east of Faial, the island is 46 kilometers in length and 16 kilometers wide at its largest point. Today, Pico Island’s main industries are wine production, tourism and shipbuilding, thanks to its close proximity of deep water. Although the last major volcanic eruption happened here in 1963, Pico is nonetheless vulnerable to earthquakes and other seismic events. The climate here is mild and temperate throughout the year, thanks to the Gulf Stream, but rain is always a possibility but typically doesn’t last too long.


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