The city of Bergen and its accompanying port at the Hjellsted Marina are located on the west coast of Norway, which boasts a mild, humid coastal climate with few dramatic temperature changes throughout the year. Surrounded by the Seven Mountains, the city’s historical centre was built around the harbor and along the fjord beaches to the north.


The Hjellsted Marina and the city itself have become a popular destination for those who love to sail, as well as all varieties of boating and yachting activities, and the harbor is conveniently located just minutes from the Bergen International Airport! The port is quite popular, hosting more than 150 cruise ships annually, and the main ferry port for the entire country is still in operation here. Often called the “Gateway to the Fjords,” Bergen is nonetheless a largely undiscovered jewel, offering clean water, fresh air and a variety of fun and exciting seafaring adventures.

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Norwegian Sea
Norway / Atlantic Coast
Bergen / Hjellsted Marina
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