Norway is a country with a very long truncated coastline, a mere 1300 nautical miles of stunning fjords, forests and mountains. It is a country which has been shaped by the ice age and many glaciers and their formations are still apparent. Southern Norway is very amenable for sailing as it contains lots of picturesque coastal villages and numerous small islands to explore.

The west coast of Norway is where the majority of the deep water fjords are is is probably Norway’s most stunning location. Cruising out of the fjord capital, Bergen is a good starting point to all its nearby attractions.

Another big advantage of sailing in Norway in the summer months is the longer days, with almost an astonishing 24 hrs of daylight, thereby offering more time to explore and cruise safely. TotalYachts offers a range of boats out of Bergen, from small Single hulls to larger cruisers, crewed or bareboat.

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Departure : 25 November 2017
Duration : 1 weeks