Situated in the French territory of New Caledonia in the southwest Pacific Ocean, the city of Noumea can be found on the southern coast of the island of Grande Terre, west of La Roche and the island of Fiji, and east of Australia. The protected harbour here has become a popular destination for seafaring travelers from around the world, thanks in part to the fantastic climate and the excellent beaches that can be found here.


Nouméa also happens to have one of the largest Lagoons located anywhere in the world, so water sports are quite popular among adventuresome visitors. From wind surfing to snorkeling and scuba diving, the area is a virtual playground for boating and yachting enthusiasts, and the town itself also boasts a large number of excellent dining and shopping opportunities, including several fantastic local markets that are open daily and serve a wide variety of traditional meals.

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Island New Caledonia
New Caledonia / Noumea
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