The coastal Dutch town of Sint Annaland lies in the province of Zeeland on the North Sea in the south-central Netherlands, around 435 kilometers east of London and 1,200 kilometers southwest of Goteborg. Founded in the late 15th century, today Sint Annaland has become a popular summer tourist destination for boating and yachting enthusiasts from around the world, thanks in part to its convenient location and magnificent natural beauty.


The marina in Sint Annaland is located close to the village centre, which is designed in the historic, Open Ring layout and boasts a wide variety of excellent shopping and dining opportunities. Also, the town is situated close to the countless marshes and shoals of the Krabbekreek area, which is a popular diving destination, marina, beach and resort. Also of note, Sint Annaland is situated close to the scenic islands of Tholen and St. Philipsland, which provide excellent opportunities for exploration.

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