The picturesque marina of Oostmahorn can be found in the Dongeradeel province of Friesland in the Netherlands, around 12 kilometers northeast of Dokkum and 70 kilometers northeast of Harlingen. The area has become a popular destination for seafaring travelers from around the world, thanks in part to its excellent amenities and the rich cultural heritage of the entire region.


The marina and village of Oostmahorn is also located along a gorgeous section of the North Sea Trail or Frisian coastal path (as it is locally known), which is a hiking trail that runs around the entire perimeter of the North Sea. The area is sparsely populated, making this the ideal location for a quiet maritime getaway, In addition, Oostmahorn is situated just north of the Esonstad recreation area, which is a wonderful place for families with children. Also, be sure to sample the excellent local cuisine, which features a variety of fresh traditional seafood.

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