The picturesque town of Monnickendam is located in the Dutch province of North Holland on the coast of the IJsselmeer, around 8 kilometers southeast of Purmerend. Settled since the 12th century, today the town is a small fishing village and a popular tourist destination among a handful of discriminating boating and yachting enthusiasts, but in earlier centuries it was once a major port.


While here, seafaring travelers will thrill to the quaint charm of the port and town centre, which is one of the 12 oldest cities in the entire country. Monnickendam is also a popular centre for a wide variety of water sports and is situated just 12 kilometers from the heart of Amsterdam. Despite this proximity to a major urban centre, Monnickendam remains a quiet destination that is off the beaten path. As such, it has largely managed to escape the effects of mass tourism and retain a strong sense of

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