The picturesque fishing village of Makkum is situated in the Wûnseradiel municipality in the northern Netherlands, around 15 kilometers south of Harlingen and 50 kilometers northeast of Lemsterland. It lies on the modern IJsselmeer Lake side of the former Zuiderzee, which was a large inland sea that was dammed in 1932, splitting the ancient body of water into two separate parts. Today, the lake is the largest in the entire country, with an area of 1100 kilometers, and the pristine ecosystem along its shores is home to a wide variety of bird and plant life.


In addition to hosting a wide variety of water sports, including surfing, swimming and sailing, Makkum allows maritime visitors easy access to the nearby Wadden Islands and the Waddenzee, which is an excellent place to sail. In addition, the dining and shopping here is second to none, and the village boasts a large number of historical attractions that date back to the 17th century.


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