The port town of Lemmer is situated in the Friesland province of the Netherlands, around 50 kilometers northeast of Lelystad. Settled since the 13th century, today the town is a popular tourist destination for boating and yachting enthusiasts during the summer months, thanks in part to its excellent amenities, scenic beauty and rich cultural heritage.


Lemmer’s marina and shipyard offers seafaring travelers access to virtually every amenity that could be required, as well as a wide variety of water sports for adventuresome travelers. For example, deep-sea fishing is quite popular here, as is sailing, and a variety of races are held each year on Lemster Bay. In addition, the weekly market that is held every Thursday boasts a wide variety of local goods, while the port sees a large amount of inland commercial traffic. Also of note, an impressive number of waterways connect Lemmer with many nearby lakes and towns

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