The beautiful country of Montenegro lies sandwiched between Croatia and Bosnia in the north and Albania in the south, and adjacent to Italy from across the Adriatic Sea.

Montenegro has much to offer in terms of quality but better value than more established and well known sailing resorts like Croatia.
Because of its close proximity to Italy, ferry rides to and from are a regular occurrence.
The bay of Kotor is simply breathtaking. The crystal blue of the Adriatic Sea make this an ideal playground for spending a day on a yacht. The city itself is set against a backdrop of majestic mountains.
The first thing you will notice about Kotor is the massive city walls. They surround the city and stand as a monument of its stormy maritime origins. The wall is 2.5 miles long and can reach a height of 850 feet. Travelers may wish to circumnavigate the city by talking a walk on the wall itself. On special occasions the walls will be illuminated at night. A truly spectacular sight!

There are several buildings that visitors will definitely want see. The Palace Grgurin of the 17th century is now the Maritime Museum and definitely is on the list of “musts” for this city. The Cathedral of Saint Tryphon, located in Tryphon Square was built in the 11th century. The interior is graced with Romanesque Gothic architecture and has inspired artist for years. Also of interest is the Church of St. Luke, which has two altars: a Catholic and an Orthodox.

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