The bustling city of Fort de France is situated on the island of Martinique in the eastern Caribbean Sea, around 20 kilometers northeast of Les Anses d’Arlets and 3 kilometers southeast of Schoelcher. As one of the largest cities of the entire region, this busy port is a popular destination for boating and yachting enthusiasts from around the world, and it is also an important commercial port, exporting large quantities of rum, fruit, sugar and cacao.


The coastline here boasts cliffs alternating with low plains and mountains, and is still dotted with mangroves in the protected area of the Natural Park of Martinique. The tropical climate boasts yearlong warm temperatures and a rainy season from July to October. In addition, the port area here boasts a variety of dining and shopping opportunities and close proximity to the best beaches, which are located on the south side of town.

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