The island of Nosy Be is situated in the Mozambique Channel, around 8 kilometers from the northwestern coast of Madagascar, which lies in the Indian Ocean close to the southwestern coast of Africa. Stunningly beautiful, this volcanic island has become a popular tourist destination for seasoned boating and yachting enthusiasts from around the globe, thanks in part to the tropical climate and pristine beaches.


The largest town on Nosy Be is known as Hell-Ville or Andoany, and is also home to the main port for the island, which is nestled in Crater Bay. Adventuresome seafaring travelers will thrill to the warm water flowing into the Agulhas Current here, making this a popular place for a wide variety of water sports, including skiing, snorkeling and diving. In addition, Nosy Be is an excellent base from which to explore the surrounding islands by sea, and the eleven volcanic crater lakes on the island are stunning to behold.

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