Known for its Vibo Marina harbor, Vibo Valentia is a city located at the southern part of Italy in the Calabria region close to the Tyrrhenian Sea. The harbor plays a significant role in the local economy, which mainly relies on manufacturing, commercial and agricultural industries, as well as tourist centers.

Originally, it was referred to as Hipponion, a Greek colony that is believed to have been founded in the later part of the 7th century BC. When the town became a Roman colony in 194 BC, the city was given its Roman name Vibo Valentia. The city prospered during the period of the late Republic to the early Empire. However, it was practically abandoned when the Western Roman Empire fell.
Today, the main attractions of the city include antique museums, castles that date back around 1000 and remains of ancient basilicas. So if you want a trip that will bring you back to the past, then Vibo Valencia is a perfect place to be.

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Sicily - Aeolian Islands - Calabria
Vibo Valentia
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