Known as a supreme seaside resort, Viareggio is a city located on the Ligurian Sea coast in the northern regions of Tuscany, Italy. It is known for its harbor, beaches, and many year-round sports and cultural events. Hordes of tourists visit the city for the entire year and it is also a favorite destination of those coming from the yachting community. It is accessible by road, rail or air from practically anywhere in Italy and Europe.

Along the coast, the place called Versillia is an ideal holiday resort for people who want to have a grand time at the beach while occasionally taking pleasure in the many wonderful attractions nearby. The sandy beach is ideal for families with children because the wide beach expanse is clean, spacious and falls gently into the sea. The wonderful combination of yachting establishments, impressive countryside, natural lakes, pine woods, nature parks, mardi gras festivities, exciting night life and exceptional seafood will surely make the entire stay at Viareggio worthwhile for any yachting enthusiast.

Geographical :
Tuscany - Corsica - Liguria
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