The picturesque Italian town of Milazzo lies on the northern coast of Sicily, around 40 kilometers west of Messina and 200 kilometers east of Palermo, perched on a peninsula that is known as Capo di Milazzo. Inhabited since the Neolithic Age, the area is renowned by savvy boating and yachting enthusiasts from around the world, in part due to its many historical attractions and the warm, sunny Mediterranian climate.


Today, Milazzo relies on fishing, agriculture and tourism, specializing in olives and grapes. The town sprawls upward on a slight rise overlooking the sea, constructed of colorful dwellings that are characteristic of the region. In addition, maritime travelers will enjoy close proximity to the large number of islands located throughout the Tyrrhenian Sea, which offer countless opportunities for exploration. Also of note, the beaches here are superb, and be sure to venture inland long enough to view the spectacular ancient castle overlooking the town.

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