The seaport of Marsala is situated on the western coast of the Italian island of Sicily, around 325 kilometers west of Milazzo and 125 kilometers west of Palermo. Perhaps best know for producing Marsala wine, the region also boasts a storied history and rich cultural heritage, helping to make it a popular destination for savvy boating and yachting enthusiasts from around the world during modern times.


Although little remains intact of the city’s many ancient fortifications, ruins can be viewed at several interesting locations in and around town, and the shape of modern Marsala still follows that of a Roman camp. Maritime travelers will enjoy easy access to the ancient town centre, as well as to the picturesque Stagnone Lagoon and the charming nearby island of Mozia. Also of note, Marsala boasts more than 10 kilometers of pristine, award-winning beaches, as well as a wide variety of excellent dining and shopping opportunities.

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