The stunningly beautiful Italian town of Cefalu is situated on the northern coast of the island of Sicily, around 70 kilometers east of Palermo and 185 kilometers west of Messina on the Tyrrhenian Sea. Today, this ancient Greek community has become a popular destination for savvy maritime travelers from around the world, thanks in part to its warm, sunny Mediterranean climate and impressive number of historical attractions.


In addition, Cefalu boasts a lively nightlife atmosphere and is nestled beneath a large precipitous rock formation that forms a striking headland that is visible from some distance out to sea. Also of note, the harbour here is quite picturesque and boasts easy access to the old town centre, as well as to a wide variety of excellent shopping and dining opportunities. While here, also be sure to visit the city’s cathedral, which is one of the most impressive remaining examples of Norman architecture in the entire country.

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