The Italian city of Portisco lies on the northern end of the island of Sardinia near the Gulf of Cugnana, situated just off the western coast of south-central Italy. Portisco is also located just a few hundred meters from Porto Rotondo, which is one of the most popular resort villages in all of Sardinia, and just 50 kilometers southeast of Santa Teresa di Gallura, which has helped to make this a popular destination for maritime travelers from around the world.


Portisco is also home to a modern harbour, known as Marina di Porto, which boasts excellent amenities and is situated quite close to a variety of surrounding attractions, including pristine beaches and the stunningly beautiful town of Porto Cervo, which is located just 16 kilometers to the north on the Emerald Coast. Here, boating and yachting enthusiasts will thrill to the many picturesque inlets, beaches and islands open to discovery.

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Sardinia / Portisco
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