The charming Italian village of Poltu Quatu is part of the municipality of Arzachena, which includes the Costa Smeralda or ‘Emerald Coast’ region of northeastern Sardinia - an island that is located just off the south-central coast of western Italy. The region is a popular tourist destination and a favourite haunt of boating and yachting enthusiasts from around the globe, thanks in part to its excellent climate and stunning natural beauty.


The name ‘Poltu Quatu’ actually means ‘hidden port,’ which is due to the lush vegetation that lines the approach along the coastal road, but the village is actually quite popular, especially in the summer months, thanks to its lively nightlife and bustling, well-equipped marina. Also of note, the scenic villages of Baja Sardinia and Porto Cervo, as well as the well-equipped town of Portisco, are all situated quite close by, making this an excellent base from which to explore the region by sea.

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Sardinia / Poltu Quatu
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