The stunningly beautiful Italian town of Palau is situated on the northern coast of the island of Sardinia, just off the western coast of south-central Italy, around 30 kilometers northwest of Portisco. Palau lies near the Emerald Coast, a particularly popular destination for boating and yachting enthusiasts from around the world, thanks in part to its pristine natural beauty and excellent Mediterranean climate.


The area surrounding Palau is characterized by a large number of interestingly shaped rock outcroppings that have been sculpted over the millennia by ocean breezes. Adventuresome seafaring travelers will delight in the wide variety of water sports that can be found here, including surfing, sailing, diving and waterskiing, to name only a few. In addition, Palau is an excellent base from which to explore the many surrounding bays and small islets that dot the coastline here, and fishing in the area is second to none.

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Sardinia / Palau
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