The picturesque town of La Maddalena lies on the coast of an island by the same name in the Maddalena archipelago, just 2 kilometers from the Italian island of Sardinia’s northeastern shore in the Straits of Bonifacio. La Maddalena lies around 50 kilometers south of the French island of Corsica and just 40 kilometers northeast of Olbia. Today, the region has become a popular destination for savvy boating and yachting enthusiasts from around the world, thanks in part to its excellent Mediterranean climate and scenic natural beauty.


The area surrounding the town of La Maddalena is renowned for its pristine beaches and stunning granite terrain, and seafaring travelers will delight in the excellent amenities that are offered here. For example, the pedestrian centre known as Piazza Umberto I is connected to the port and boasts a wide variety of excellent shopping and dining opportunities, while the nearby Via Garibaldi boasts a wide variety of popular shops, restaurants and bars.

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Sardinia / La Maddalena
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