The picturesque seaside town of Carloforte is the only community that is located on Isola di San Pietro, or ‘Saint Peter’s Island,’ which lies just over 7 kilometers from the southwestern coast of Sardinia, which is an island that is situated just off the south-central coast of western Italy. Today, Carloforte has become a popular resort town and important hub for the local fishing and boatbuilding industries. Today, the area has become a popular destination for savvy boating and yachting enthusiasts from around the world, thanks in part to its pristine natural beauty and excellent Mediterranean climate.


The port of Carloforte is situated close to a large number of natural inlets and harbours that are complete with small, sandy beaches. In addition, its close proximity to a large number of coastal villages and smaller islands, including Isola dei Ratti and Isola Piana to the northwest.

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Sardinia / Carloforte
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