The charming seaside town of Arbatax lies on the east-central coast of the island of Sardinia, which is located just off the south-central coast of western Italy. Arbatax is situated around 250 kilometers south of Palau and 136 kilometers northeast of Cagliari on the Tyrrhenian Sea. Inhabited since ancient times, today the town has become a popular destination for maritime travelers from around the globe, thanks in part to its stunning natural beauty and its fantastic Mediterranean climate.


While visiting Arbatax, be sure to venture inland long enough to check out the impressive, historic Torre Saracena watchtower, as well as the nearby beach of Rocce Rosse, which boasts a number of stunning rock formations. Also of note, the area is renowned for its mussels, which are farmed in nearby lagoons, and it is an excellent base from which to explore the scenic eastern coastline of the island.

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Sardinia / Arbatax
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