The picturesque coastal town of Alghero is situated on the northwestern edge of the island of Sardinia, which lies just off the south-central coast of western Italy. Alghero is located around 150 kilometers southwest of La Maddalena and 170 kilometers southwest of Palau on the Mediterranean Sea. Today, this ancient settlement has become a popular destination for boating and yachting enthusiasts from around the world, thanks in part to its pristine natural beauty and warm, sunny climate.


While visiting Alghero, be sure to venture inland long enough to take in some of the historic attractions, including the stunning 16th century Gothic-style cathedral and the grand Palazzo D’Albis, which once housed the Spanish emperor Charles V. Also of note, Alghero Bay is situated close to the Capo Caccia limestone promontory, which is a popular destination for scuba diving and boasts more than 300 discovered caves.


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Sardinia / Alghero
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