Situated on the northwestern coast of Italy’s Liguria region, the town of San Remo lies on the Mediterranean Sea, around 60 kilometers northeast of Nice and 150 kilometers southwest of Genoa. Although it has been established since Roman times, today the city has become a popular tourist destination on the Italian Riviera for boating and yachting enthusiasts from around the world, thanks in part to the fantastic climate and lively nightlife.


While visiting San Remo, be sure to check out the fine cuisine, which is particularly world-renowned for its Focaccia and locally produced olive oils. Adventuresome seafaring travelers will thrill to the wide variety of water sports that are available here, thanks to the warm, sunny climate and pristine waters. In addition, the climate here experiences very little change throughout the year, thanks to the protection afforded by the Maritime Alps, which surround the town on land.


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Tuscany - Corsica - Liguria
San Remo
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