The small coastal city of Salerno is situated on the southwestern coast of Italy, around 100 kilometers southeast of Naples on the Gulf of Salerno on the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is also located quite close to the world famous Amalfi Coast, an area that encompasses the towns of Amalfi and Vietri sul Mare, among others, and is renowned throughout the world for its pristine beauty and picturesque towns.


Not surprisingly, today Salerno has become a popular destination for boating and yachting enthusiasts from around the world, thanks in part to its excellent climate and scenic terrain. In addition, the area is brimming with a wide variety of historical and cultural attractions, including the churches of San Salvatore del Birecto and Santa Maria Maddalena in Atrani, as well as the unique town of Ravello. While here, also be sure to sample the excellent local cuisine, which was a favorite of renowned writer John Steinbeck.

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Tyrrhenian Sea
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