Riva di Traiano is a charming modern Italian tourist port that is situated around 60 kilometers northwest of Rome and 5 kilometers southeast of Civitavecchia on the western coast of the country. As one of the largest tourists ports in Italy, the marina at Riva di Traiano boasts more than 1100 berths, and offers a long list of wonderful amenities that are sure to please even the most seasoned of maritime travelers. For example, the marina boasts direct access to the nearby town, as well as a full-service shipyard, Wi-fi and a wide variety of excellent dining and shopping opportunities, to name only a few.


While visiting Riva di Traiano, also be sure to check out a few of the many impressive historical ruins that populate the surrounding countryside, including the cathedral of San Francesco d’Assisi and the ancient Roman port that is located just outside of town.


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Tuscany - Corsica - Liguria
Riva di Traiano
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