Porto San Rocco lies on a stunningly beautiful peninsula in the Italian Gulf of Trieste, around two kilometers from the city of Muggia, and it is visible across the gulf from the bustling city of Trieste. Created in the late 20th century as a destination for boating and yachting enthusiasts from around the world, today it is popular due to its proximity to the Slovenian border and the scenic beauty of the Adriatic Coast.


Although Porto San Rocco is new, it has been constructed to emulate the look and feel of a Mediterranean fishing village, only with the added convenience of modern amenities. Just steps from the quay visitors will find a wide variety of shopping and dining opportunities, as well as a number of luxury accommodations. In addition, the nearby cities of Trieste and Venice boast an impressive array of historical and cultural attractions, while the water sports here are second to none.

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Adriatic / North
Porto San Rocco Trieste
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